Industrial Engineering Blended BS+MS Engineering Program

The IME Department offers the blended BS+MS degree program (BMS) leading to the MS IE or MS EMGT (formerly known as ENGR ITM degree). The BMS program is only open to continuing Cal Poly students. 

The objective of the blended BS+MS degree program (BMS) is to provide an accelerated route for excellent undergraduate engineering students at Cal Poly to obtain both bachelor's and master's (BS and MS) degrees simultaneously. The minimum units requirement for blended BS+MS is 225 total (BS 180 + MS 45). BMS students can pursue either MS in Industrial Engineering (MS IE) or MS in Engineering Management (MS EMGT). There are Approved Blended Paired Programs, be sure to check the list before you submit your Blended Application Packet to confirm the program you are applying to, is an approved pairing. See the Graduate Programs page for program descriptions.  

The BMS program is applicable only to Cal Poly continuing students. The BMS program allows the double counting of some undergraduate courses towards the masters' requirements. The number of double counted units in the BMS program shall be those in excess of the 180 units in the BS program but not to exceed 9 units.

All BMS students should complete their senior projects to satisfy their BS requirements before transitioning to graduate status. Students cannot double count senior project units.


  1. Students in any engineering major are eligible to apply for the Industrial Engineering BMS program.
  2. Students must have a minimum Cal Poly grade point average (GPA) of 3.3/4.0.
  3. Students should apply with less than three (3) quarters to graduate for a bachelors' degree. Note that applications must be approved before the student has completed 180 units toward their undergraduate curriculum requirement. If students reach 180 units for undergraduate requirement, they are not eligible for the BMS program.
  4. All lower-division work (including lower-division general education courses and American Institutions courses) shall be completed prior to changing to graduate degree objective status (CSU AA-2012-01).
  5. The GWR must be satisfied before transitioning to graduate standing.

Application Procedure

A prospective student that meets the eligibility requirements above should submit the following application documents to the IME Department Office, Stephanie Allen (192-223) Attn: Graduate Coordinator

  • Complete the Blended Programs Application Approval E-Form (see the Graduate Forms page at the Cal Poly Graduate Education Site).
  • IME BMS Program Application (pdf) Updated 03-03-20
  • Post Baccalaureate Change of Objective form (see the Graduate Forms page of the Cal Poly Graduate Education Site)
  • One page resume: list in reverse chronological order education, employment, extracurricular/community activities, publications if any, and organization/society memberships.
  • A Cover Letter including a Statement of Purpose, and providing a summary of your career objectives and work experience with reference to the chosen field of graduate study. Include the names and contact information of three references.
  • A faculty panel will make acceptance/rejection decisions based on evaluation of the candidate's academic and professional record and an optional interview.
  •  Blended applicants are encouraged (but not required) to submit GRE scores for the purpose of comparison with external applicants.
  • CSU Mentor $55 application fee is waived and no GRE exam is required for the BMS program.
  • The following deadlines for applications to be considered for transition to official graduate status are:
    • Monday, December 2, 2019 for Spring 2019
    • Monday, March 9, 2020 for Fall 2020

Turning in a Completed Packet

Please turn in the completed Graduate Packet to Stephanie Allen in the IME Department (192-223).  These are the documents the Graduate Committee require to review your Graduate Packet to be considered into a Blended Program:

  1. Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering BMS Program Application (#5, remember to put the date you completed your GWR)
  2. Post Baccalaureate Change of Object (PBCO); remember your GPA is calculated using the last 90 Qtr Units 
  3. Graduate Education AdobeSign Blended Application (Please print before you close the application)
  4. Cover Letter that includes 3 References
  5. Resume
  6. BS Flowchart - marked with completed classes
  7. GRE Scores 

Deadlines for admission: The Graduate Programs Committee will meet after each deadline, review all the applications and make acceptance decision. The March 2020 deadline will coincide with the external applications deadline and allow comparison of external and blended applicants and better informed selection. 

If accepted, students' status will be officially changed from undergraduate to graduate during the quarter they complete 180 units towards their bachelor's degree. *Once a Blended Graduate student moves to Graduate status, the undergraduate Degree Progress Report (DPR) is no longer available to the student for review.

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