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Name Email Office
Puneet Agarwal  pagarw05@calpoly.edu 192-232

Mohamed Awwad


Tali Freed tfreed@calpoly.edu 192-227
Alessandro Hill ahill29@calpoly.edu 192-234
Jose Macedo (FERP Off Fall Qtr.) jmacedo@calpoly.edu 192-230
Jianbiao (John) Pan (On Leave thru Spring 2024) pan@calpoly.edu 192-235
Reza Pouraghabagher



Jill Speece jespeece@calpoly.edu 192-228
Lizabeth (Schlemer)Thompson  (GENE Director & IME Acting Department Chair - Fall 2022)) lschleme@calpoly.edu 13-263A

Daniel Waldorf - Department Chair

(On Sabbatical Fall 2022

dwaldorf@calpoly.edu 192-223B
Xuan Wang xwang12@calpoly.edu 41-222
Tao Yang tyang@calpoly.edu 192-236




Name Email Office
Jeff Allen jallen81@calpoly.edu 192-235
Brad Applin bapplin@calpoly.edu 192-219
Karen Bangs (FERP Off Fall Qtr.) krbangs@calpoly.edu 192-238A
Virginia Callow-Adams vcallowa@calpoly.edu 192-238B
Karla Carichner kcarichn@calpoly.edu 92M - 103
Rob Carter rvcarter@calpoly.edu 41-105
Nianpin Cheng ncheng@calpoly.edu 92M - 103
Kyle Debernardi kdeberna@calpoly.edu 92M-A104
Dan Franchi dfranchi@calpoly.edu 92M-A110
Trian Georgeou tgeorgeo@calpoly.edu 41-124
Richard Goldsmith rgoldsmi@calpoly.edu 192-241B
Kris Hamann krhamann@calpoly.edu


Trevor Franchi  trevor.franchi@gmail.com 92M-A110
Maxime Jeanneau mjeannea@calpoly.edu 192-240
Martin Koch mkoch@calpoly.edu 41-105
Kelly Kurtz (Off Fall Qtr.) kbkurtz@calpoly.edu 92M-A110
Bryan Lutz brlutz@calpoly.edu 41-104
Jack Maughan jmaughan@calpoly.edu 92M-A101
Eric Pulse epulse@calpoly.edu 197-117
Kevin Williams kwilli02@calpoly.edu 92M-A101
Jeff Zimmerman jjzimmer@calpoly.edu 41-123


Name Email Office
Stephanie Allen - Administrative Coordinator sallen@calpoly.edu 192-223
Brenda Flood - Administrative Analyst bflood@calpoly.edu 192-223
Bryan Lutz - Technician brlutz@calpoly.edu 41-104

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