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Cal Poly SEC serves to increase student awareness and interest of sales engineering as a rewarding career path. We provide students opportunities to network within the technical sales industry in order to gain real-world sales engineering experience and knowledge.

We host monthly company events with organizations such as Trane, Johnson Controls, Salesforce, and more.

Meetings are held every Tuesday, to get more information, please email the President at


2021-2022 Officers

Michael Cassetti - President

Matt Kelly - Vice President

Ryan Ruhany - VP of Operations

Shayan Ruhany - VP of Finance

Karshin Gupta - Account Manager

Sam Carr - Account Manager

Blake Gendron - Account Manager

Keegan Day - Events Director

Nick Martinez - NSEE Representative

Sara Pantaleo - Marketing/Public Relations Director


Karen Bangs -

2022-2023 Officers

President - Blake Gendron

Vice President - Karshin Gupta

VP of Finance - Shayan Ruhany

VP of Operations - Willem Holzrichter

Account Manager - Jay Pogacar

Account Manager - Ryan Ruhany

Account Manager - Sara Pantaleo

Account Manager - Michael Cassetti

Account Manager - Evan Brees

Account Manager - Rob Wood

Account Manager - Cayden Pangelinan

Events Coordinator - Matt Manqueros

Marketing Chair - Ginger Harn

Project Coordinator - Varenya Gupta

Club Liaison - Paul Samson


Karen Bangs -


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