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ISA Employment

We have been able to automate the ISA (Grader) hiring process to make it easier for you, the faculty, and the department staff and student assistants.

A request to hire an ISA must be made by faculty/supervisor. The form will not be processed if submitted by student.

Hiring Process:

  • Faculty start the ISA hiring process by completing the ISA Student Request form (Also known as the ASE 101).  The completed form comes to the IME office and will finish the hiring process by completing the ISA 101 form.  

  • The ISA 101 form is signed by the student and IME Department Chair and sent to Academic Personnel and finally Payroll Services.  The student will be contacted by the Payroll Services to complete the Payroll Intake (signing their I-9 and producing hiring documents.  

  • The following documents are required to be hired:  Valid Driver's license or Valid Passport and an ORIGINAL SOCIAL SECURITY CARD (a copy or knowing the SS# will not be accepted under any circumstances).  
  • Note: If a student has previously been hired under the State as a Student Assistant or ISA and their I-9 is current, the process is simpler.  
  • Note: Working for ASI or the Corporation (CPC) does not cross over to the State because their requirements are not the same as the State of California.
  • Note: Forms will be routed to students, faculty and department chair for approvals via AdobeSign.

For more information: Students – Payroll Services – Cal Poly

Getting Paid:

  • Step 1: Enter hours worked on the online timesheet located at:  Please note: the SA timesheet is different from the ISA timesheet. Be sure to click on the correct link in your portal for access to your online timesheet.
  • Step 2: Use the screen print function of your web browser to print/download a copy of your timesheet for your records.

Once you have entered your hours on your timesheet, your hours will be approved by the IME office, and your hours for pay will be issued within the regular pay cycle.

Students are paid approximately on the 15th of the next month.  Your first paycheck will be always be a REAL paycheck.  Students can pick up their paycheck at Student Accounts window (Bldg 001, RM. 211).  Have a picture ID to show at the time of pick up.

IME and Payroll Services highly recommend at your Payroll Intake Session you sign up for Direct Deposit.  You will need your bank routing # and account.  This saves you from having to stand in line to pick up your paycheck and at the end of the year when you leave Cal Poly.

Calendar deadlines for entering time (published calendar) 

Late Timesheet

If you miss the deadline to submit hours using the online form, you will need to submit a late timesheet and your pay period will be interrupted. Late ISA timesheets that are submitted to Payroll Services by the 15th of the month are paid on approximately the 25th. Please email the completed late timesheet to your faculty and the office.  Faculty will email back with approval and then the office will submit the form to payroll for processing. Late Student Timesheet and Instructions.  

Travel - Student Senior Project and Non-Senior Project (Outside SLO City Limits)

Please read through and follow these directions: All travel must be discussed and approved by your faculty prior to travel. There are different allowable expenses depending on the project you are working on. 

Before your trip: 

  • At least 1 week prior to the start of travel, fill out the Travel Pre-Authorization (Adobe Sign). Use your Cal Poly email and complete all highlighted fields. If traveling to the same site several times during the academic year you only need to complete the form one time. Indicate in the date fields:  From= Month/Day/Current Year, To= Month/Day/Current Year.
  • Follow these formats:
    • Dates: 
      Use the first date of travel or the date you fill out the form (whichever comes first)
      • The last date of travel will be 06/09/2023 - Not 2022
    • Times:
      • Use these times.  These will cover you for a full day throughout the 3 quarters
        • Start time use 6:00am
        • End Time use 10:00pm
      • Destination:
        • Use City, State (e.g Alameda, CA)
      • Purpose of Trip:
        • Use this format for your form
          • Name of company (e.g. Raytheon) Sr. Prjt. Name of Project (e.g Barcode Inv Mgmt), IME 481/482/483 - Meetings/Data Collection/Presentations
      • Waiver of Liability Form:
        • Copy the text from the Travel PreAuthorization Form (1st form in the sequence)
        • Copy the Date and Times - This is Required as noted on the form
  • Once the IME Department receives your completed Travel Pre-Authorization, the IME Department will start the Volunteer Form (All Travelers) and the Request to Operate a Private Vehicle (Drivers Only) to complete your travel requirements.  

 **Students who start senior project during winter quarter, will complete all the travel forms for the current academic year and then resubmit new travel forms for the fall quarter.  Travel forms only cover the current Academic Year (Starting summer through spring quarter).

After your trip: Within 10 days from the return of your trip complete and email the IME office the following together: 

  • Travel Claim Form: Complete the form and email it to the office in the original excel format.  It will be routed back to you for signature.  
  • Google Map: If you will be claiming mileage, download a copy of a map showing your route and miles. 
  • Travel Pre-Authorization: Include your approved/signed Travel Pre-Authorization.
  • Receipts: Attach all receipts for expenses. Receipts must show final cost, itemized list of what was purchased, proof of payment, and date of purchase (Some food receipts maybe 2 receipts to have all information). If you no longer have a copy of a receipt then a Lost Receipt Form must be turned in. 
  • Proof of Payment: Bank statement showing charge (personal information may be blacked out).  Only required if you lost your receipt or the receipt does not show all the pertinent information listed under receipts.

University Travel Policy:  University Travel 

International Travel: International Center

Vehicle Rentals: Poly Travel

Travel - Faculty and Staff

Please follow directions at: Poly Travel - University Travel

Vehicle Rentals: Poly Travel

Field Trips


A field trip is a university course-related, off-campus activity led by a faculty or staff member and designed to serve educational purposes. A field trip would include the gathering of data for research (such as at a geological or archaeological site), museum visit, participation in a conference or competition, or visits to an event or place of interest. The duration of a field trip may be a class period or longer, and could extend over multiple days. This definition does not apply to activities or placements in the context of a teacher preparation program, intercollegiate sports, independent study, internships, clinical placements (nursing, social work, CSD), or service-learning/field work placements, all of which are governed by separate policies.

*In the IME deparment senior projects are not field trips unless, they are within the city limits of San  Luis Obipso, CA.

  • Instructor completes the Pre-Trip Site Evaluation: Field Trip Worksheet prior to the field trip.  Approval is by the department chair or higher depending on the instructor's title.
  • University Field Activities Notification Form - each student participating in the field trip is required to complete the UFAN form prior to the start of the Field Trip.  This form is required to be stored in the Department Office for 3 years.
  • Release of Liability - Required by each student participating in the Field Trip and filled out with the UFAN form above.  This form is required to be stored in the department office for 3 years.
  • Field Activities Sign Out Release Agreement - To be completed if the student is not returning with the class to campus and leaving or leaving the Field Trip early.  This form is required to be stored in the department office for 3 years.

**All Field Trip forms are required to be stored in paper format in the department office.  Check with the department office to clarify if you need this form and/or travel forms.


Please read through and follow these directions before filling out the Purchase Request form (Under Place Your Order):

  • You may use one form for multiple vendors. Please group items from same vendor together on the form.
  • Utilizing a shopping cart feature ensures ordering accuracy. If you have the option of assigning a shopping cart on the website, please create the cart and include the cart link on the purchase request (McMaster-Carr, DigiKey). For sites that don’t have a shopping cart option (Amazon) consider using: Share-A-Cart
  • If you need to have an item manufactured uploading your own files/specs, please set up your account with the company and add in all information for the order up to the point of payment.  Then submit a purchase request with all corresponding information for the order (login and password if needed) or share a shopping cart.  The office will complete your order by making payment.
  • Home Depot does not allow for certain items (lumber) to be purchased online, they must be bought in-store. If you need to purchase an item in person, you will need to get approval from your advisor and then request reimbursement.
  • Purchasing a Gift Card: follow directions at: Gift Cards – Procure to Pay – Cal Poly. Email the Gift Card Request Form to the office. Include a Hospitality Form (PDF).
  • Printing shirts with logos or Cal Poly branding: Follow the directions at University Brand – Trademark Licensing ( Include a Hospitality Form (PDF).
  • The least expensive shipping rate will be chosen unless indicated otherwise.
  • The office does not track your budget. When planning your project budget, please remember that taxes and shipping will be added to the final cost.  
  • All email from the vendor regarding your order (confirmation, shipping, final invoice) will be forwarded to your Cal Poly email.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of any items on backorder and contact the office immediately when an issue arises.

Ship-to Address: 41-100 / Bryan Lutz, 192-223 / IME office

Place Your Order: Complete a Purchase Request form (for goods up to $2,500.00) to have the office purchase your requested items with the department procurement card. By submitting this order, you are confirming that you have read the above directions and understand your responsibility.  Purchase Request (Adobe Sign).

Returns / Issues With Your Order:  If you need to return an item, please first contact the company regarding their return policy.  Once you have the information needed to make the return, email the office with the details.


This process is only to be used if the department procurement card is not available and approved by your project advisor. Student purchases project materials utilizing their own funds and request reimbursement. Please hold all receipts and wait to submit for reimbursement until all your project purchasing is complete.

Reimbursement Form: Please ask your faculty where your funds are coming from, State or CPC, to select the correct reimbursement form.

→ If you are utilizing State Funds: Reimbursement Form. Please download, fill out and email the form to the office in its original excel format. The office will fill in Chartfields on Step 4. You will receive an email when your reimbursement check is available for pickup in the office. 

→ If you are utilizing CPC Funds: Check Request Form (Excel), Cal Poly Corporation Forms and Instructions. Please download, fill out and email the form to the office in its original excel format. The office will fill in Org Key and Object Codes. Your reimbursement check will be mailed to you. 

Receipts: Number and attach itemized receipts/invoices (photo or scan is acceptable). They must include the following information:

  • Date
  • Vendor or payee name
  • Amount paid, showing shipping and tax separately
  • Proof of payment (cash, credit card, personal check)
  • Description of the item(s) purchased
  • If you are missing a receipt please fill out a Lost Receipt Form.

Proof of Payment: Attach proof of payment in the form of a bank statement or a screenshot of the charges on your credit card (any personal information may be blacked out).

Please submit a Hospitality Form (PDF) with your reimbursement request if this is for an event/hosting (includes food/beverages).

Email form and all required documentation to the office who will route it for signature approval and submit it for payment processing.  

Student Forms

Special Problems Form - Used for IME 200, 400, & 500. You may be able to earn 1-4 Units during your Cal Poly career.


1- Find an instructor who will supervise your project.

2- Complete the Special Problems Form.

  • In the description of your project, the following must be included- deliverables, that include, work completed, and a report is due to your instructor. 

3- Email the completed Special Problems Form to the IME office (

4- The IME office will route the form to your instructor and the department chair for signature approval via Adobe Sign

5- You will receive a permission number via Adobe Sign once the signature approval process is complete.  

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