Permission Numbers

NEW PROCESS to REQUEST a PERMISSION #, Spring 2022 Registration

We are not using the Permission # on-Line form for Spring 2022 registration.


  • First, try to register for your courses through the normal process
  • If unable to register or get on the waitlist, CONTACT THE INSTRUCTOR OF RECORD (IOR, instructor teaching the course).
  • The Instructor of Record (IOR) has permission #'s for their courses
  • Contact instructor by Cal Poly email with the following information (Instructors will be using this criteria to issue permission #'s):
    • Student Name, Course with section #, Major, Concentration (if this is a required class for your concentration), Quarter/Year Graduating, & Reason for needing a permission #.
      • Reasons for requesting a permission #: 
        • Have not taken the prerequisite(s)
        • Took an alternative prerequisite (Ex: Took CPE 101 for CSC 232)
        • Changed major (Faculty will check if an ICMA is in place or completed on your Poly Profile).
        • Transfer student (came to Cal Poly as transfer student)
        • Concentration requires this course
    • Permission #'s for IME 200, 400, 441, 442, & 500 will be handled by the IME Office.
      • For IME 441 & 442, these are supervisory courses
        • List of courses that use students for IME 441 & IME 442
          • IME 101 (Fall Only), 141, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 156, & 223
          • You must have taken the course and received a "B" or better
          • Contact the Instructor of Record to discuss if this is an option for you.
          • IE students: IME 441 may be counted as a Technical Elective.  IME 442 may be taken but will not count towards your degree
      • For IME 200, 400, & 500 a Special Problems form must be completed before a permission # will be issued to a student
        • You are required to demonstrate 30 hours of work per unit, maximum units for IME 200, 400, & 500 is 4-units
        • IME 200 does not count count for Technical Elective credit
        • We have several IME 400 courses currently approved only for undergraduate majors. Please contact Stephanie Allen for the Special Problems form:
          • Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification - 2 units
          • Alteryx Certification Exam - 1 unit
          • AWS Cloud Computing Certification by Exam - 2 units
        • IME 500 Special Problems must be of Graduate Level work for a Graduate Student
  • Time Conflict - Contact instructor to ask if they are willing to allow the conflict
    • Rules for Time Conflicts: 
      • You may not overlap more than 1-hour
    • To start a Time Conflict Form go to
    • Complete the form (include labs) whether or not they conflict.  Students are required to include all information regarding both classes.  Students must get all instructor signatures for Lectures and Labs, no matter what.
    • The Registrar will add you to the course, students do not receive a permission #.  A PERMISSION # WILL NEVER WORK WITH A TIME CONFLICT.
    • Remember unit limits during registration rotations.  If the Approved Time Conflict will make a student go over the 18 cap unit for Round 1 Registration, the student will not be added to the class until the appointment date for Round 2 Registration.
  • Registration Dates to Remember:
    • Round 1 Registration Dates:  02/16 - 03/04/22
    • Round 2 Registration Dates:  03/07 - 03/11/22
    • Open Enrollment Dates:  03/12 - 03/25/22
  • Unit Caps:
    • Round 1 Registration - 18 unit cap
    • Round 2 Registration - 22 unit cap
    • Anything over 22 units requires an Excess Unit Petition. Go to:
  • If you have any questions and/or issues, email Stephanie Allen, or call the IME Office at 805-756-2341.  We are here to assist you!


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