Ten Reasons

Engineering IV


1. We are a nationally recognized program.

Cal Poly's College of Engineering is ranked as one of the nation’s top public undergraduate engineering colleges. IME continues to rank as the No. 1 (BEST) IME undergraduate program in the nation among all non-PhD granting universities (U.S. News and World Report).

2. You are a “hands-on” kind of learner.

We aren't the kind of school that uses plastic cups to demonstrate concepts. We embody Cal Poly's "learn-by-doing" philosophy because you'll be in machining labs on the lathes and mills. You'll be designing and testing ergonomic labs. You'll be programming Haas machines. You'll be doing project and data management. In other words, our graduates are industry-ready! Get a glimpse of the labs

3. You want to be in high demand across the board.

IMEs find employment opportunities in virtually every sector of our economy (e.g., aerospace, biomedical, consulting, energy, entertainment, food, hi-tech, service).

4. High Demand = Great Salary

The median salary for IMEs as of 2015 is around $65,000.

5. IEs & MfgEs work with everybody.

Working with multiple disciplines—from shop floor employees to top management—is a hallmark of industrial and manufacturing engineers.

6. You want the business aspect of engineering.

IE and MfgE applies math and science, but we differentiate from other engineers in the focus on business issues (e.g., financial, marketing) in evaluating solutions. In other words, business insight will give you an edge in a competitive industry.

7. You want access to industry tools without the price tag.

IE and MfgE focuses on integrated solutions to complex problems. You're creative. You're a problem-solver. And you want the best "bang for your buck." Cal Poly's tuition is substantially less than other universities—and we have industry machines and software access for our students!

8. You want to continually focus on efficiency.

Ask yourself: Are there ways to improve the quality of life for everybody? (The answer should be yes!) You can create new products and service solutions in any industry. It could be improving a process (the way something is done), improving safety or quality, improving product manufacturability, improving sustainability, or creating better energy solutions.Did you know that IEs invented the QWERTY typeset and the process of nurses handing surgeons the instruments?

9. You want to make a difference.

IEs and MfgEs are involved in meaningful and challenging projects. From industry-sponsored projects, community service projects (e.g., Polyhouse), service learning projects (e.g., sustainability), and multidisciplinary senior projects, you can single-handedly make an impact in your career and in the world.

10. Your Cal Poly education and your job will be fun.

Come meet our faculty. Talk to our current students. Visit our clubs. We're all family in the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering department, and we'd love to have you join us here in Engineering IV.  

Is the IME department right for you? Apply today!

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