Admissions & Career Opportunities

Applying to Cal Poly Industrial or Manufacturing Engineering Programs

The deadline for filing an application for the Fall Quarter is November 30

Information for all prospective students (freshman and transfers) is on the Cal Poly Admissions website.

To apply to the California State University system (including Cal Poly), see Cal State Apply.

For admissions questions, please contact the Admissions Office at: or call (805) 756-2311.

*Note that, according to the rules at Cal Poly, "freshman applicants compete to be selected only against other freshman applicants applying for the same major." 


IME Career Opportunities

Visit the IME Job Postings Board here!

Some of the job titles for IEs and MfgEs include:

Operations Engineer, Quality Engineer, Applications Engineer, Project/Program Manager, Automation Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Test Engineer, Sales Engineer, Production Supervisor, Engineering Consultant, Simulation/Logistics Analyst, Process/Project Specialist, Global Supply Planner, Field Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer

Recent IME grads have accepted jobs at:

 1. Agilent Technologies 13. Dole
 2. Pacific Gas & Elec. 14. Ernie Ball
 3. UPS 15. Technicolor
 4. Accenture 16. Raytheon
 5. Cisco Systems 17. Northrop Grumman
 6. Lockheed Martin 18. Toyota
 7. Boston Scientific 19. Alcon
 8. Deloitte Consulting 20. Edwards LifeSciences
 9. Dow Chemical 21. 3M
10. General Mills 22. Abbott Labs
11. Chevron 23. Sony
12. Parker Hannifin 24. Solar Turbines
  25. Haas Automation

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